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Friday | 6/18/2021 | Family, Community & Culture: The Ortega Brothers On Good Morning Aurora

From Chicago to Aurora, the news and culture can’t be stopped. Today we were pleased to be joined by Elvis & Jorge Ortega, brothers who created El Gran Festival Colombiano! With a focus on family, heritage and community, what started as a birthday party in a forest preserve is now an annual event! A celebration of Colombian independence, the event this year will take place July 24th & 25th in Humboldt Park, Chicago. In our conversation we spoke about the cultural significance of the Colombian community. Also, Jorge detailed the intimacies of the Afro-Latin experience in music, food and culture. Both Elvis and Jorge have worked very hard to ensure that a safe, positive experience can be enjoyed by everyone. We appreciate these gentlemen for making the drive to the 2nd largest city and sharing their great story with us. For more information, visit their website at

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