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Monday | 8/16/2021 | Built Strong On Purpose: Stacy Soldana On GMA

What a great way to start off the week! Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Stacy Soldana; mother, teacher & author of Built Strong On Purpose. This work is one of seven books Stacy has written. Micah's Mindful Manners is another work she's proud of so we learned about her writings and the theme of her works. A Navy veteran, Stacy shared with us her life and her story which has see her do a lot of traveling. In our interview we spoke about family, faith and motivation. Built Strong On Purpose is a book that is faith based and can be appreciated by anyone. The book is currently on sale at Cotton Seed Creative Exchange along with other works by Stacy. As a teacher Stacy is dedicated to the positive growth and development of our youth. As she pursues her Master's degree and prepares for the return of school for the fall we wish Stacy the very best! This was a great episode and discussion!

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