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The Four Way Test

Your duty as a citizen, as a listener of this show; indeed our collective duty, is to lift other people up. It's just that simple.

Daily, the mission is to spread as much goodwill, cheer and kindness as we can. And one of many ways to do that is to fine tune ourselves as individuals to be the kind of people we want to be. It is not enough to simply get along with our own lives, make our bed in the morning and "hope" or "wish" "things get better". We have to shape and mold. Everything. Including our own tangible reality.

All of us, including you, should live by the Four Way Test. Good Morning Aurora consistently strives to be the audio version of the Four Way Test. You, as an individual, are tasked to help uplift, assist, guide, counsel or advocate for anyone who cannot do it for themselves. Key in that endeavor is being the kind of person (organization or entity as well) who is adding to the collective good, as opposed to subtracting from it.

Every day, in every situation, Good Morning Aurora staff work hard to conduct ourselves by these principles; as outlined in the Four Way Test. We are blessed to have fans, listeners and subscribers that view life and our fellow citizen(s) the same way.

It is our duty to inform our fellow Aurorans. It is also our duty add only that which is constructive & informative to the collective dialogue. We are blessed to have supporters, colleagues, fans, associates, community partners and friends who view everyday life the same way we do. #cityofaurorail

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