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Tuesday | 7/14/2020 | Tuesday Motivation Live (News, Weather, Horses & Motorcycles)

Today was a great part two of the live show; your favorite news show is now daily on Facebook live! Another great discussion in the studio with many shout-outs of things to come. In this episode we remind the community of the S.T.E.A.M Summer Camp, Aurora Public Library Food Drive Thursday (w/ Marie Wilkinson's Food Pantry & Toyota) and August West livestream. The August West show will be streaming online from SciTech so tune in to that. Goldfinch Cafe is holding a pancake breakfast at Branch Gardens on Saturday and the Venue is hosting a live show with Kevin McCray. Big shouts to Vizo Arts, Fisk Creations, Aurora Public Art & ACTS (A Call To Shoulders). Shout out McCarty Mills, Altiro, Crystal House & Cotton Seed Creative Exchange. Are you registered to vote? You should be, it's your duty! Be blessed and powerful this Tuesday.

The second largest city's first daily news podcast is here. Tune in everyday from 8 am to 9 am. Make sure to like and subscribe to stay updated on all things Aurora.


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