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Friday | 10/30/2020 | Desiree Returns : A Conversation w/ Good Morning Aurora

The life of a media relations specialist was the focus of discussion today. We were honored to sit down with Desiree Battaglia of Northwestern Medicine this morning and learn from her. This was Desiree’s second time on the show, her first was way back! So you could also call it a flashback Friday! From prepping doctors and nurses for interviews to capturing the stories of patients, Desiree is certainly on the move! We spoke about professionalism and how to succeed in business and life. Additionally, we talked about the changes to her job due to the pandemic and what work is like now. For so many of us, our lives have been turned upside down. How do we get back to a ‘sense of normalcy’? Or, will we ever? Check out the full interview here!

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