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Monday | 6/21/2021 | The Meaning Of 'Art Therapy': Elizabeth French on Good Morning Aurora

Art is life, that’s a fact. This interview was a long time coming and could be considered ‘art therapy’. Today we were pleased to be joined by Elizabeth French, namesake of Elizabeth French Art. Visual artist, creator and all around cool person, she has a fantastic story to tell! Originally from Downers Grove, Elizabeth has made Aurora her home and has since blossomed here. We met Elizabeth in the early days of our show. When we moved from recording in the bathroom to an actual studio she reached out to compliment us & gifted us with art. That was a very nice gesture and her work is amazing! In our interview we spoke about life, her background as an artist and freelancing. Her work can currently be seen at Tredwell Coffee & Cotton Seed Creative Exchange. We appreciate Elizabeth for who she is and we support all that she does. Be sure to support a friend of the show and stay tuned on all she has coming!

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