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Friday | 2/11/2022 | Arella Swan & Aurora Downtown Live On Good Morning Aurora

Good morning and happy Friday all you lovely people. We made it! Today is a great day. We have special guest Arella Swan representing Aurora Downtown with us in the studio today. On the agenda we have fun events, cool initiatives and fashion. Let's seize the day! Here's today's news: - Tonight there will be live salsa dancing taking place at Java Plus. A great band called Impacto Boricua will be playing, there will be a specialty menu and the fun begins at 6:30 pm. Java Plus on Waterford is located at 1677 Montgomery Road, have a great date night and let them know you heard about it on Good Morning Aurora! - The Fox Valley Park District has a great free presentation coming up this Saturday the 12th! Local Legends is a great collection of stories and performances about some of our community’s most inspiring leaders. This will take place at the Prisco Community Center and will begin at 2 pm. Seating is on a first come first served basis and it is free and open to the public. To sign up for this and all other programs by the park district click this link: - Today and tomorrow our friends of Corinne's Kitchen will be cooking up the delicious soul food for the Sticker Snobs show at McCarty Mills Taproom. Support great local businesses and enjoy yourself. All of their food is very good and they’ll also have caramel apple pie a la mode! Have a great weekend! You number one news show will be live at Java Plus on Monday for Valentine's Day. Tune in and we'll show you something special. This was a great episode! See you all next week. Don't forget to subscribe to our show on YouTube by clicking this link: The second largest city's first daily news podcast is here. Tune in everyday to our FB Live from 8 am to 9 am. Make sure to like and subscribe to stay updated on all things Aurora. Twitter: goodmorningaur1 Instagram: goodmorningaurorail Spotify: Apple: Anchor: #positivevibes #positiveenergy #downtownaurora #kanecountyil #bataviail #genevail #stcharlesil #saintcharlesil #elginil #northaurorail #auroraillinois #auroramedia #auroranews #goodmorning #goodmorningaurora #comedy #news #dailynews #subscribe #youtube #podcast #spotify #friday #auroradowntown

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