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Friday | 7/30/2021 | Music, Blues & The Fox Valley: Melissa Mercado On GMA

Entertainment for many years was synonymous with the Fox Valley and the FVMF (Fox Valley Music Foundation) is working to preserve that. Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Melissa Mercado and learned a lot about local entertainment! From Sonny Boy Williams to The Venue, Melissa is very knowledgeable and has been a figure in many local events. In our discussion we talked about her history as an Auroran, her current duties and we spoke about the blues as well! Did you know that the Sky Lounge in Leland Tower was once THE place to be and hang out in the heyday of Aurora history? Fascinating stuff and only the type of knowledge the coolest people in town have! Check out this great interview and subscribe to the show on Spotify & YouTube!

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