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Just Enough Cream: A Coffee Drinker's Journal

I really just didn't want to drink black coffee. I needed cream. First world problems right?

Anyway; I needed cream for my coffee and had none at home. So I just said "what the heck" and decided to go GET coffee. But it was with a twist, I rode my bicycle to go get the coffee. Now THAT was an experience. And a lot of my friends bike regularly and I see them downtown. They drive all week, and bike to the same places on the weekend. They IG (Instagram) post it, FB (Facebook) share it and make it look so fun.

They were right! It was really nice and the weather was perfect, and I had no cream fro my coffee at home. Perfect reason to head out. I lived in an apartment in downtown a year ago so I was always in the mix locally here. Now I'm a neighborhood guy. And because I have a yard and all the trappings of property, I feel more "American". Like I feel (kinda) more in the fabric of "Americana".

So I'm outside chilling, and I'm early, so it's like 7:05 am. It's silent as a mouse downtown on the streets. Very few cars passing by. Mostly birds chirping. And it was the combination of those elements: the silence, the peace and the freedom. That combined made me do it more regularly. I made it a routine. It was the most pleasurable cup of coffee I could have had on a Sunday morning.

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