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Monday | 1/25/2021 | Aurora At Large: A Conversation w/ Mr. Ray Hull

From water to public service, helping others doesn't stop for some people. Today we were glad to sit down with Mr. Ray Hull, current candidate for Aurora Alderman-At-Large. We really took a trip down memory lane with Aurora history on this episode. Ray carries a lot of experience in community relations and he also served on the East Aurora School Board. A native of Chicago, Ray's first job was at Carson Pierre Scott which is now the building housing Amy Morton's Stop Island Social & Artisan Lofts. We spoke about what makes Aurora great, life and faith as well. Mr. Hull has been a leader in Aurora for a long time and his experience was fascinating to hear. He's done just about every dirty job you can think of so he's no stranger to hard work. Check out the full episode here!

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