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Monday | 3/15/2021 | Ady Rubio, Kacie Chitwood & Alive Teen Center On Good Morning Aurora

Positive energy & the role of a mentor; just a few of the topics of discussion on a Monday morning. Today we’re pleased to have had the chance to speak with Kacie Chitwood & Ady Rubio of Alive Teen Center (Aurora)! Recently opened on LaSalle street on Auto Row in downtown Aurora, these ladies represent a fantastic nonprofit focused on enlightening youth potential. In our conversation we spoke of working before & during a pandemic, personal goals & Alive Teen Center’s mission. Open from 2:45 to 6 pm Monday thru Friday, students in grades 6 thru 12 are encouraged to participate and it’s totally free. Collaboration and effective partnerships are key to great city initiatives like this. For more information about this wonderful place check out their Facebook page & stay tuned for all they have coming!

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