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Monday | 3/22/2021 | Cakes By Josue: Baking, Family & Life w/ Josue Villanueva

So today we found out that it’s not the making & baking process that's most labor intensive, it’s the decorating! That’s the part where attention to detail, creativity & skill are paramount. Today we were joined by Josue Villanueva, founder, creator & owner of Cakes By Josue. As a lifelong Auroran, Josue has been a part of the fabric of our city for a very long time. He is a creative person with a gift for brightening up a room with a smile, and a dedication to family. In our conversation we spoke about his Mom & Grandmother, his business plans and goals and also what it takes to make cakes. He has created marvelous and grand cakes for his clients, and his work speaks for itself. Get to know Cakes By Josue and consider his work for your next party or specialty gift. Check out this great interview!

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