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Monday | 4/26/2021 | Good Morning Aurora Presents: Mayor Richard C. Irvin

To be an effective public servant, one must be dedicated. We were honored to be joined on today's show by the 59th Mayor of the 2nd largest city in Illinois, Mr. Richard C. Irvin. Elected in 2017, Mr. Irvin is the first African-American Mayor of our great city and recently won re-election. As we know, our city has suffered due to the pandemic. From the human toll to economics, how we arise as a city and a people is paramount. In this interview we speak on Mayor Irvin's early, formative years and his experiences as a prosecutor. It is with that background and a subsequent entry into local, community focused initiative we found enlightening. Tanks, finance, criminal justice, upward mobility, Saudi Arabia; this episode has it all. Additionally, we ask Mayor Irvin what the city can expect from his leadership going forward. Our city has changed for the better over many years. We appreciate all the work done by our city administration & fellow community partners.

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