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Monday | 6/29/2020 | All About Tendaji! (A Conversation w/ Carla Anderson)

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Today we sat down in the studio to speak with friend, entrepreneur and founder of Tendaji Body Oils, Carla Anderson! We learn all about what Tendaji is as a company, it's origin and the meaning behind the name. Carla is from Chicago and now as an Aurora resident she adds a lot to our community! The company specializes in skincare products and has a lot more to come. We had a great weekend and we shout out McCarty Mills, Berkshire Hathaway (Hesed House Drive), Aurora Downtown and Tredwell & Ally Legion. Also, shout out Mirabelle Skipworth music! Food Drive part 2 success at Phillip's Park! Great stuff in this interview and an awesome start to the week. Stay tuned for so much more to come. We are proud to be the new voice of Aurora.

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