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Monday | 6/7/2021 | Teen Mental Health 1st Aid: Martin Luna & Denise Elsbree On GMA

Times have changed for the better in regards to awareness of mental health. Today we were pleased to have Martin Luna & Denise Elsbree of Simply Destinee on the show to inform & enlighten. Through the use of instructors, engaging social media & positive outreach, they are changing lives. In our interview we spoke about the challenges posed by the pandemic, the history of Simply Destinee and current work. Equally as important is the removal of the stigma associated with mental health. From the way our children are counseled in school, to family interaction, there is still much work to be done. Located at 122 W. Downer Place, Ste. 124 in downtown Aurora Simply Destinee is a safe space. It’s a space of growth, community & self-healing. We appreciate Denise and Martin for sharing their story and work with us. To learn more about Simply Destinee and what they do visit their website here:

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