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Monday | 8/17/2020 | Return Of The Brushstrokes: A Conversation w/ Gin Ingram

A friend of the show returns! Gin Ingram (artist, business owner) came back on for a part 2 episode and it was great and an awesome start to the week! Today is Monday and we wanted to set the tone for the week. Gin has a lot going on and has really been kicking butt since last we sat down and spoke with her. Since then she has created the Peace Of Art Camp (301 5th Street) which has been a fun initiative! Kids and families have registered and we are fans of her and all her work. She was also a featured artist at the recently passed Beyond The Walls gallery & exhibition in Downtown Aurora at Gallery 1904 (1 E. Benton St). Gin is the owner of Grandmabears Day Care and is one of the most creative people in the city. Check out the full episode here!

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