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The Voice Of The People

For most people it's money and money alone that moves their day to day activity. That may be in the form of "chasing the dollar" or cloaked in the guise of "success". A person's instinctual dispositions, if observed closely, are almost always on display. That is to say that despite a persons declarations and statements, what they truly stand for is pretty obvious because they're actively living it. It is no small task navigate the rigors of life. Indeed, you can just ask any single parent. Or any family of 3. Or any single parent of 3 children who works and still tries to find time to make their dreams turn into reality.

The people who keep audacious hopes and dreams alive through difficult circumstances deserve merit. This is what is meant by the "under-served"; it has nothing to do about what they are doing for themselves. Instead, the poignancy of the term indicates that these type of people are not being helped enough: "under-served". Undocumented Honduran nationals; risking fingers for low paychecks in a cannery, yet too fearful to complete the census. Senior citizens relying on 'Meals On Wheels' for their food, yet services have been reduced due to a lack of volunteers. Veterans of the World War II; trapped in the house due to COVID19, but unable to access tele-health services because they don't have a computer. This is what is meant by "under-served".

It is not possible to have the type of world most people would like to see (an inclusive, forward thinking society) without full participation from everyone. The skills, tools and knowledge needed for such a society are best culled from within a society/people. Kind of like a garden; your vegetables making your own salad. What Good Morning Aurora stands for is social justice & inclusion, lengthening the table and widening the sandbox. With the immovable principles of fairness and speaking up for those who can't do it for themselves, we give voice to the voiceless. In addition, we strive daily to represent what we see as best for Aurora. This is done in the form of interviews, general knowledge & information and community engagement.

For the Costco employee with dreams of being a football star Good Morning Aurora is for you. For the people working on the job but with dreams of something different, something more, Good Morning Aurora is for you. For the person living paycheck to paycheck but still saving for a house. For the Mom of 3 with an art studio in the basement; for the people who fall asleep reading. For people who don't have enough money to pay for advertising, or whose head-shots just "weren't what we're looking for", Good Morning Aurora is for you. Good Morning Aurora is the tangible interpretation of the term "power to the people". Our focus is on the community, and giving a voice to the voiceless.

We welcome you on our journey and we are proud to the be the new voice of Aurora.

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