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Thursday | 1/7/2021 | Red Hive Market & Life w/ Bridget Johnson

Today was a jam-packed day and a great morning of interviewing. We were honored to have Bridget Johnson, owner of Red Hive Market on the show today. Bridget has a fantastic story and we loved talking about her life and work in the city. Born in Cuba, Bridget shared her story and experience as a Latina. The story is both an American story, and a latina's story as well. As a business owner Bridget told us the origins of her store and how it came to be. With a background in social work & culture, she understands people and can relate to them. Business had been down due to the pandemic but has since safely re-opened. We wish Bridget & Red Hive Market the very best in 2021! Check out the full episode here!

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