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Thursday | 4/1/2021 | Life, Liberty & Being An Author: Victoria Hyla Maldonado On GMA

What a great morning! Not only did we learn about what it takes to create great novels, we also got some autographs as well. It was a pleasure to be joined by Victoria Hyla Maldonado, the author of many books, including the Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy. We discussed each book: In Death We Part, Running In The Mists & Awake In Elysian Fields. Victoria's works tell many great stories and the characters are also very memorable. In addition, Victoria has written a children's book called Bartleby The Brave. There is also a translation of that work in Spanish titled Miedosin el Vaiente. As a fellow Auroran, we speak about what we think of our city and what we want to see. Victoria has a background in education and is a teacher. We appreciate her time and her awesome work. Stay tuned for all she has coming!

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