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Thursday | 4/29/2021 | The Creative Professional: Thalo Halo On Good Morning Aurora

A funny thing happened to us once on a 1st Friday. We walked into Cotton Seed Creative Exchange (8 N. Broadway) & met Mr. Lou Gabriel, better known as Thalo Halo. And that, as they say, was fate! While familiar with his artwork we finally got a chance to sit down with the man whose art we’ve come across and marveled over before. Born into a working class, blue-collar background Lou shared his early years before becoming an artist, and since. We’ve been impressed with his artistic, bold graffiti style and it was great to listen to him wax artistically on his craft. Safe, socially distanced pop ups have become a useful addition to local entertainment. Cotton Seed Creat has become the epicenter of what is a local art renaissance. Check out Thalo Halo’s work in Cotton Seed and support local art. We look forward to seeing more of our friend Lou on the scene!

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