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Thursday | 5/27/2021 | Infusing Joy With Writing: Cindy Ervin Huff (Author) On Good Morning Aurora

Another day, another wonderful writer to speak with. Today we were joined on the show by author Cindy Ervin Huff, who is also the founder of the Aurora Word Weavers. From book signings at If These Walls Could Talk to winning CELA Awards, Cindy shared her awesome story with us. As a person with a lot of Aurora history, we also speak with Cindy about the current outlook for the city and her opinions on things. Some advice Cindy gave to up and coming writers: “learn the craft”. Her newest book “Angelina’s Resolve” is out and available for purchase. Stay tuned for all Cindy has coming and check out her website here: Cindy Ervin Huff – Infusing Joy with Writing

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