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Thursday | 6/10/2021 | The Aurora Human Relations Commission On Good Morning Aurora

Today we had the opportunity to learn bright and early in the morning. On our show today we sat down with Bertha Bailey & Ryan Maley of the Aurora Human Relations Commission (AHRC). As fellow community partners, both Ryan & Bertha serve our city residents as liaisons and mediators. Started by the late Marie Wilkinson, the commission has since grown and remains an outlet to solve issues. As we know, our country as a whole has seen a change in attitudes regarding diversity. Through various resources and services including mediation, citizens can have issues resolved peacefully here in our city. The AHRC works closely with the Aurora Public Library. Over the course of the pandemic, both have come together to provide Zoom training, workshops, and other online engagement forums. We appreciate the hard work done by the AHRC and we look forward to sharing even more of their positive and inclusive message. To learn more about the AHRC and what they do, you can visit their webpage on the city’s website here: Human Relations Commission | Aurora, IL (

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