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Tuesday | 2/2/2021 | Gladys De La Mora On Good Morning Aurora!

From Little Village to Aurora, what a day! In fact, what a motivated morning! We were joined on the show by Gladys De La Mora, the star of Un Nuevo Amanecer con Gladys De La Mora. She’s an awesome and inspiring woman and her voice is one of perseverance. Born and raised in Chicago, we spoke about her early life growing up and professional career. In addition, we spoke about the importance of family and of never giving up. Gladys is familiar with what it takes to produce good content and she’s also interviewed her fair share of guests. From food to fashion, travel and education; Gladys has been at the forefront of it all. She began her broadcasting career with ‘Mundo Fox’ and she has come a very long way from those days. 2021 is here and the sky's the limit! Check out the full episode here!

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Twitter: goodmorningaur1

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