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Tuesday | 3/31/2021 | All About Leland! Tracy Duran Returns To Good Morning Aurora

It was history again on the 2nd largest city’s 1st daily news podcast. Today we had friend of the show Tracy Duran come on and give us a visual tour of Leland Hotel. Tracy is a local author and historian and is very knowledgeable when it comes to our city. When last we spoke to Tracy she came onto the show and shared a whole lot with us. Today we condensed it to talk about Leland Hotel. We got to peruse through newspapers from the time period of its heyday (1930’s) and see some local advertisements. Before it was apartments there was a lot of entertainment going on in that building. Check it out! We appreciate Tracy coming by again!

The second largest city's first daily news podcast is here. Tune in everyday to our FB Live from 8 am to 9 am. Make sure to like and subscribe to stay updated on all things Aurora.

Twitter: goodmorningaur1

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