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Tuesday | 4/20/2021 | It's All About The Sauce! RKN TCO Supply Co. & Christian Saenz On GMA

You gotta have a tasty sauce; it’s a must have! That’s just one of the things we were able to learn from Mr. Christian Saenz, founder and owner of RKN TCO Food Supply Co. An Aurora native, Christian has seen his fair share of changes in our city and has been a part of a new wave of positive initiatives. Mr. Saenz got his start at Noodles & Company and as we can see, he’s come a long way! With experience in corporate and private restaurant management, what Christian brings to the table is his own unique style. In our conversation we spoke about life, business aspects of restaurant ownership and how he got started cooking. This Sunday RKN TCO is hosting another great food pop-up event at McCarty Mills. If you want good food, good sauce and to support a local business; look no further than RKN TCO Food Supply Co.!

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