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Tuesday | 4/27/2021 | Moxie Vox, Voice Acting & Miracles: Nicole Astra On GMA

With faith we can all accomplish so much. With motivation and Moxie; we can consistently achieve and help others for a greater good. Yesterday we were joined by Nicole Astra, owner and creator of Moxie Vox (bold voice). Nicole is a talented and experienced voice over actress with an impressive professional catalog. An Aurora native, we speak of the Aurora of her childhood and what it is today. Nicole is an alumni of Aurora Christian, Covenant Christian School & Judson University. But wait, there’s more! How many actual four leaf clovers have you seen, touched and held? Nicole started an initiative titled: Clovered In Prayer. What started as a way to positively engage others for prayer requests has grown into a movement for community. Lastly, we spoke of miracles in this episode. Nicole is all about the story being told; she shared with us her personal miracle and we appreciate her for it. Recently, Nicole was the lead talent in Mayor Richard Irvin’s 2021 State Of The City address “Talking Cities”. Nicole is part of the team at Bureau Gravity (56 S. LaSalle St.), a dynamic media hub in the heart of downtown Aurora. Stay tuned for more fantastic work from herself & the team. And keep your eyes peeled for Moxie Vox. Nicole can help you harness your bold voice!

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