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Tuesday | 6/8/2021 | Shannon Gutierrez & Wyckwood House On Good Morning Aurora

Downtown Aurora has a lot to see and do and Wyckwood House is a huge favorite. Today we had the opportunity to speak to Shannon Gutierrez, owner & founder of Wyckwood for an interview. We learned about the beginning of Wyckwood House, her experience as a woman in business and all the things Wyckwood has to offer. Located at 14 W. Downer Place, Ste. 16 in Aurora many people like this store. In our interview we spoke about what Wyckwood has coming up and what future plans are for this business! Our friends and colleagues of Waubonsee SBDC have helped Wyckwood House and many other businesses achieve success. They are an invaluable resource for our community! Click the link below to learn more about Waubonsee SBDC & what they do!

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