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Wednesday | 12/21/2022 | Dr. D & You + Us Medical Aesthetics Live On Good Morning Aurora

Good morning and happy Wednesday! We have another great show for you today. Our guest is Dr. D (Alithea Dacanay-Limaco) the founder of You + Medical Aesthetics, located at 26 S. Stolp Avenue in downtown Aurora. Let's get ready to learn! Here's the news:

- Thursday, December 22nd from 6 to 7 pm Good Morning Aurora will host a special broadcast with our partners of Kane County government & law enforcement. Join online as Kane County State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser reviews her first 2 years in office and discusses plans, initiatives and what to expect for the next 2 years! This will be live on our Facebook page and will be an enlightening conversation. Tune in! This online event is free and open to the public.

- Our friends of Family Focus have teamed up with Healthy Families Aurora to provide a variety of services for those in need in the community. Childcare and other activities are available as well as virtual services. The program and services are free and open to the public. For more information call (630) 488-6000 or (847) 644-9249.

- The Mr. & Miss Black Aurora Pageant will be held on Saturday, Feb. 4th at the Copley Theatre, with a virtual information session taking place tomorrow at 6 pm. This event is for all Aurora High School students wishing to participate. Shouts out to the Aurora African-American Heritage Advisory Board for creating and sponsoring this event. For more information and to register visit this link:

Have a great day and be sure to enter the contest to win some of today's great prizes. We will see you all Friday morning! Subscribe to the show on YouTube at this link:

The second largest city's first daily news podcast is here. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday & Friday to our FB Live from 8 am to 9 am. Make sure to like and subscribe to stay updated on all things Aurora.

Twitter: goodmorningaur1

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