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Wednesday | 6/16/2021 | Life, Liberty & Fitness! Quint Thompson & QT3 Systems On GMA

Life, liberty & physical fitness, what an awesome & motivational interview today! We were joined on the show by Mr. Quint Thompson, founder & owner of QT3 Systems. Located in downtown Aurora at 2 W Downer Place, Quint is a personal trainer with a great story of personal motivation. Originally from Kentucky, Quint has seen a lot in his years as a business owner and entrepreneur. As we know, the pandemic has been tough for many of our small business owners. In our conversation we spoke about assistance to business owners, access to resources & community engagement. Summer is here; let’s get back into shape! Get off the couch and get that blood pumping! We appreciate Quint for taking the time to sit down and talk to us. Check out QT3 Systems in downtown Aurora and get ready for all they have coming. Be blessed, be motivated and enjoy this interview!

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