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Wednesday | 6/9/2021 | Faith, Family & Soul Food: Ma Maw's Kitchen On GMA

Faith and perseverance will always stand one in good stead. Today we were pleased to be joined by Rachel & Meighan Cole, sisters who are the proud owners & operators of Ma Maw’s Kitchen. These ladies are inspiring and they have a remarkable story of success. As determined women in business they have created something that is positive and at the same time tasty! In our interview we spoke about family, their upbringing and how they came about creating what is now Ma Maw’s. These ladies have been a favorite food truck at the Outlet Mall and announced their brick and mortar location opening! From traditional soul food to delicious desserts, these ladies are taking Aurora by storm! Ma Maw’s Kitchen is another Waubonsee SBDC success story. Our friends and colleagues of Waubonsee SBDC have helped Ma Maw’s Kitchen and many other businesses achieve success. They are an invaluable resource for our community! Click the link below to learn more about Waubonsee SBDC & what they do!

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