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Monday | 11/1/2021 | Harish, JH Real Estate Partners & APS Training Academy On Good Morning Aurora

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! As so happens on a Monday morning, first of the month, we had a connection issue! Our live episode with our friend Harish Naidu was awesome and here is the interview and conversation in full. In our discussion we were enlighted about JH Real Estate Partners and the great work being done by @APS Training Academy. Harish has a passion for people and changing lives is just one way he is doing that. We also congratulated Harish on a fantastic gala event over the weekend! And now, here is today's news: - Our friends of Paramount Theatre have announed a news series of entertainment called the 'Bold Series'. Engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking; the newly remodeled @Copley Theater will be the location for this awesome endeavor. Read the full article here: - Nov 5 will be the First Friday for November and friend of the show Josue Paiz will be showcasing art titled: For The Love Of Frida at Charlie’s Silver Spoon Creamery located at 6 E Downer Place. Shouts out to our friend Josue and to Charlie’s Creamery. - Tuesday, November 9th there will be a great and informative town hall meeting hosted by State Representative Maura Hirschauer & State Senator Karina Villa at the St. Charles Public Library--St. Charles, IL! Come share thoughts and learn about the hard work being done for all residents. This will be an awesome learning event held by two great leaders. The event begins at 7 pm, for more information you can call (331) 465-9661. That's a wrap ladies and gentlemen! We hope you enjoyed today's show and news. There's many great things taking place here on a local level and Good Morning Aurora will be sure to bring it to you daily. Be blessed and have a motivated day and week. Subscribe to the show on YouTube by clicking this link: The second largest city's first daily news podcast is here. Tune in everyday to our FB Live from 8 am to 9 am. Make sure to like and subscribe to stay updated on all things Aurora. Twitter: goodmorningaur1 Instagram: goodmorningaurorail Spotify: Apple: Anchor: #aurorail #positivevibes #positiveenergy #downtownaurora #kanecountyil #bataviail #genevail #stcharlesil #saintcharlesil #elginil #northaurorail #auroramedia #auroranews #goodmorning #goodmorningaurora #news #dailynews #subscribe #youtube #podcast #spotify #morningshow #morningnews #monday

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