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Wednesday | 8/17/2022 | PTSD (Public Safety & The Criminal Justice System) - Special Edition

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We are proud to host this great panel & discussion titled: PTSD - Public Safety & The Criminal Justice System. Our panelists this evening are, in order:

Kane County Sheriff's Office - Ron Hain

Kane County Diagnostic Center - Director, Dr. Alexandra Tsang

Kane County State's Attorney's Office - Jamie Mosser

Veterans Assistance Commission of Kane County - Superintendent, Mr. Jacob Zimmerman

Level 6 Wellness, NFP & Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran - Mr. Pete Olson

PTSD is commonly associated with traumatic combat experiences by those who have served in the military, but anyone can suffer from PTSD. In this discussion we will seek to cover 4 main points about PTSD:

- What kinds of events can trigger PTSD?

- What signs should one look for to determine if they suffer from PTSD?

- How can PTSD manifest in a person?

- What should people know about PTSD?

We appreciate all of the panelists for taking part and engaging with the public. We hope you enjoy this discussion and thank you for watching. 🎙🇺🇸 #kanecountyil

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